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B W Bilsborough products in action

These are some of the companies that rely on us to supply critical products for their businesses.

Avion Aerial Arts
Avion Aerial Arts
Avion Aerial Arts is a aerial dance company and school dedicated to the creation of unique entertainment solutions. We build the essential crash landing pads for Avion Aerial Arts for use in their school and for training.

EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles
Earthcruiser Overland Vehicles Pty Ltd produce amazing all-terrain expedition vehicles. We produce pop up tops and side awnings for Earthcruiser Overland Vehicles Pty Ltd in many of their vehicles.
Hyperbarics International LLC
Hyperbarics International
Hyperbarics International build pristine hyperbaric chambers to treat a range of health conditions. We produce the casing for the mattresses used in all the chambers.

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